A beautiful way to turn 19
  1. 4 AM - rise and shine!
    Sounds awful to the rest of you but this is my favorite hour! Always magical!
  2. 7:30 AM - Started my period
    Not pregnant! Also not sexually active. But still. Late is late.
  3. 9 AM - inspiration
    Wrote three poems!
  4. 9:30 -Jesus spoke
    Feeling lonely, and he took me to Bethesda fountain! What a sign! Three engagement photo shoots, groups of friends, school trips, street performers, love is everywhere!
  5. 9:40 - Silence in the city
    Anyone who lives in Manhattan knows how overwhelming the noise can get. But sitting by the lake, I swear, I heard nothing but birds.
  6. 10 AM - Happy birthdays!
    I was afraid my new New York friends would forget my birthday, which would've been awkward considering we were hanging out later that day. They didn't! They do love me!
  7. 12 PM - my beautiful mother
    Nina always spoiled me, so being alone today kinda bummed me out. She had given me a present over Christmas-more on that later- so I wasn't expecting anything. But that woman. She sent me an edible arrangement! She remembered me talking about them as a kid, and went through the trouble to call one in New York all the way from Texas. Love your mother.
  8. 12:30 PM - volunteering!
    Yes this is part of my perfect day! A few friends and I packed up some care packages, went downtown, and gave to those in need.
  9. 2 PM - johnny rockets
    Not planned! I've been broke for about a week, but my friends spoiled me and payed for my meal!
  10. 4 PM - best franz
    All finally home from work or finally awake. They bought me a cake!
  11. 8 PM - the wow factor
    Over Christmas, my mom helped pay for an Anastasia ticket! Only my favorite story ever!
  12. 9:30 PM - dad
    I was ashamed to tell him I didn't get a callback. Again. He was cool about it and kind. Also felt so sorry for me that he just had to preorder the Anastasia cd for me.
  13. 10 PM - tweets from RAMIN!
  14. 11 PM
    Whole cast signed my playbill AND had conversations with me. Theatre actors are so much kinder than film and TV, sorry not sorry.
  15. 12 AM - Inspiration
    It is no coincidence that the show I love comes to New York the year I do. I will not give up. No matter what David Moulde or Mary Fleischer or anyone says. I am an actress. And I will not rest until I play Anastasia.