Make that books finished. Plenty read.
  1. A Clergyman's Daughter - George Orwell
    Only picked it up out of my love for Orwell. Clear why this was not a classic. 3/10.
  2. Flappers and Philosophers - F Scott Fitzgerald
    As you could guess, all the Fitzgerald books were part of a chunky 2000 page collection I bought for $8 at Barnes and Nobles. I preferred this one, as it was short stories. 7/10.
  3. The Beautiful and the Damned - F Scott Fitzgerald
    Eh. Also read because of the author. 4/10.
  4. This Side of Paradise - F Scott Fitzgerald
    Still on my fitz fetish. Eh. Better than the Beautiful and the Damned, had some DAMN BEAUTIFUL moments, specifically Eleanor. 5/10.
  5. Wicked - Gregory Maguire
    Started in fourth grade, was scared away by the detailed description of a penis. Started it again now and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Finished the whole thing, over 500 pages, in 3 days. 10/10. Just as good as the Broadway show, as it stands alone. Two very different stories.