Live Theatre Seen in 2017

  1. A Doll's House Part 2
    Closure for every theatre/English major, of which I'm both. Chris Cooper ah! Made the characters more three dimensional. If you hadn't studied A Doll's House, you'd hate it. 9/10.
  2. Amelie
    LOVED LOVED LOVED. Mostly because I love the movie. The childhood scene was pretty weird, but that's my only complaint. Beautiful music by a beautiful pippa. 9/10.
  3. Anastasia
    As if I haven't ranted about Anastasia enough. ITHINKIMINLOVEAGAIN. Reignited my passion for theatre. 10/10/10/10.
  4. Kiss Me Kate
    At my college. Meh. As much as I love Cole Porter....4/10.
  5. Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
    Without Josh:( very fun! Very unique! Obviously written by some uptight 24 year old English major! 7/10
  6. War Paint
    PATTI!!!! Classy. 6/10.