1. Appreciation of the arts
    Broadway! Movies! Live music! Art galleries! Stories! Tell me a city that cares more about the arts than the Big Apple
  2. Central Park
    This place brings tears to my eyes. If you're afraid you can't take the city for lack of nature, head to the park. It always leaves me in tears. I could spend days wandering. It's a magical forest, with skyscrapers barely visible beyond.
  3. Fooooood
    This goes along with diversity. Mexican? Check. Italian? Check. Middle eastern? Check. Even the hot dog and Greek stands on the side of the road never disappoint. God bless this city
  4. Diversity
    On one block, find a suburban white dad, a young Jewish boy, a Muslim woman, an Asian tourist, an African American woman, young Europeans, even me, a Texan. I dare you to call New York out on lack of diversity. It can't be done
  5. Opportunity
    Anything can happen! I auditioned for Juilliard and met a celebrity in the same day!
  6. The energy
    I'm an introvert that loves to stay in bed all day. But with so much going on, you can't help but have faith in the unknown! Everyone has a purpose in New York, even you
  7. The iconic scenery
    Serena Van Der Woodsen was here, King Kong was here, they kissed here, they broke up here, he met Santa here. Life is like a movie in New York
  8. Timelessness
    Even with the new technology, Times Square feels just life the war ended
  9. Walking
    Even with the unforgiving weather, there is no city more feet friendly. The grid is easy to figure out, and every block has a new adventure. The window shopping and people watching are incomparable.
  10. Weather
    Snow! Fallen leaves! Sun and rain! Whatever the weather, you can enjoy it without full force. Even during winter storm Jonas, snow was quickly and carefully controlled, to keep you safe and comfortable