1. Emily Blunt
    Words that come to mind: versatile, natural, effortless, interesting. Also just plain cool.
  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Another one of the most versatile actors today. He's made some really interesting career choices, specifically with independent film (HIGHLY recommend Mysterious Skin and Manic). Always exciting to see what else he comes up with.
  3. Emma Stone
    She's different yet relatable. And I could listen to her raspy voice forever.
  4. Kathryn Hahn
    One of the most underrated gems in the whole world!!!! I can pretty much guarantee that everyone has seen her in something at some point. Her beautiful face and overall natural demeanor are a great comfort to see onscreen (which is why she books so many jobs!!!). Seriously, she had like three TV shows last year.
  5. Meryl Streep
  6. Duplass brothers
    Mark and Jay Duplass are hilarious and deep and I want them to write a movie about about my life (in which they will play my two future husbands, respectively).
  7. Kyle Chandler
    I mean he's Coach Taylor and always will be (Texas forever) but also have you noticed that HE IS ALWAYS IN AMAZING MOVIES?!?! If Kyle Chandler is in it, I trust it.