1. Awards shows
    Awards shows are televised events where industry folk come together to present other industry folk with prizes that deem them "the best" in their field. And I LIVE for these events. To be clear, I live for them with a deep understanding that art is subjective and it's (kinda) silly to declare Julia Louis-Dreyfus "the best" 4 years in a row. However, it's a rare opportunity to see my favorite actors/directors/ensembles, etc. in one place and therefore I will continue to LIVE for it.
  2. Gluten
    "Going gluten free" has been a thing for a while now and I've been reluctant to comment on it because I don't like commenting on things that I feel need no explanation. WHY would one willingly give up bread AND pasta?! Does it really make you THAT much healthier? If you're allergic to gluten, then by all means, avoid it at all costs. But I cannot stand the thought of my fellow humans depriving themselves of one of the greatest pleasures we can experience (DID I MENTION PASTA?!!?!).
  3. Carrie Fisher
    Queen Carrie Fisher has been a popular topic lately due to her response to scrutiny about her aging, via the Twitter. People really seem to hate it when celebrities (specifically women) get older. It's weird and doesn't make sense, but we're lucky to live in a world where Carrie Fisher exists. She shuts down her critics and embraces her age in such a way that makes aging a sign of strength and sheer badassery. Long may she reign.
  4. Musicals
    People LOVE to make fun of musicals (especially directly to me, a theatre major). Somehow they have not yet made their way into mainstream popularity, which is sad because have you even heard LES MISÉRABLES or RENT or, more recently, HAMILTON?!?! I'm not going to force anything on anyone but for god's sake give musicals a chance.
  5. Feminism
    I hesitate to write on this topic without sounding like every other feminist who has written about it (also I need more than 500 characters to REALLY express my thoughts). So I'm just going to reinforce their thoughts. The concept of feminism is a simple one: social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. It is inclusive of all races, classes, and genders. If you feel the need to argue against that, just know that you are the reason feminism is on this list.
  6. Romantic comedies
    I really love film. I'm also the kind of person who says "film" instead of "movies." But I've also seen Sweet Home Alabama more times than I can count. My brain has organized my favorite films like this: for every Pulp Fiction, there are at least five Love Actually's. I'd like to think that I can intelligently discuss Oscar-nominated dramas, but I can also quote the shit out of When Harry Met Sally.
  7. Wearing leggings as pants
    I recently bought a pair of leggings and was told that they're "cute as long as my butt is covered." But I thought the whole purpose of buying leggings was to have them as an alternative to pants? Right?? It is a proven fact (by me) that leggings are 100000x more comfortable than regular pants, which are restrictive and typically feel like death. If you agree, please donate to my organization at www.freethethighs.org