Books I read in school that molded me

Ages 7-18. Eternally grateful to my second grade teacher, for encouraging us to read difficult but rewarding books.
  1. 1st grade
  2. 2nd grade
    This one is the most important to me as a person.
  3. 2nd grade
  4. 2nd grade
  5. 2nd grade
  6. 2nd grade
    Most of the Romona books were my favorite in 2nd and 3rd grade
  7. 2nd grade
    Many from the series
  8. 4th grade?
  9. 4th grade
  10. 4th grade
  11. 4th grade
  12. 4th grade
  13. Not sure when? 5th maybe? 5th grade was all science, less reading 😓
  14. 6th grade?
  15. 6th grade
    I still drop change on the ground randomly sometimes because of this book
  16. 6th grade
    I don't remember this well now, but I remember being totally engulfed by it
  17. 6th grade
  18. 7th grade
  19. 7th grade
    I really remember understanding heartbreak and trying to move on from it from this book.
  20. 8th grade
  21. 9th grade
  22. 9th grade
  23. 10th grade
  24. 10th grade
  25. 10th grade
  26. 10th grade
  27. 10th grade
  28. 11th grade
  29. 11th grade
    For AP Lit, very useful and entertaining
  30. 11th grade
    I read this on my own time but it was too important not to include.
  31. 11th-12th grade
    I read these on my own time but they're also too important to not to include.
  32. 12th grade
  33. 12th grade
    I took British Literature so it was full of Shakespeare plays. This and Hamlet particularly stood out to me.