Am I crazy? Are any of these universal?
  1. Sleeping on someone else's couch
  2. Laying on the floor
  3. Being stared at by a baby
  4. Looking at old black and white photos of your relatives
  5. Turning the pages of a yearbook
  6. Putting socks on
  7. Sitting by an outdoor fire
  8. Closing then opening your eyes and watching them dilate
  9. Waiting to be seated at a restaurant
  10. Climbing a fence
  11. Rubbing your eyes after you emerge from underwater in a pool
  12. When only one nostril is clogged when you have a cold.
    Suggested by @nikkidunagan
  13. When the ends of your sleeves get a little wet when you wash your hands and suddenly you can feel your wrists for 10 minutes
    Suggested by @christine14932
  14. Standing in line waiting for your turn.
    Suggested by @MMeanswell