Over the course of maybe 10 minutes
  1. I am scared of looking stupid, especially on the internet
    People are unforgiving and critical on the internet, and I just now realized it effects me
  2. I have no idea what is going on with popular music anymore
    What will this generation be remembered for? EDM? Pop? What do you think? I miss '90s artists.
  3. I'll always live too much in the past
    As a result of anxiety for the future and slight lack of contentment in the present. I think it's a big part of me, and I actually don't think I'd change it.
  4. Life is not as enjoyable when you take it/yourself/others too seriously.
    I have nothing figured out. Gonna stop pretending like I do.
  5. Adult Swim gives me a very distinct feeling
    I can't describe it, but I'll always love it. I can say that it is nostalgic
  6. No matter what age you are, you don't have to act it
    Or what you think it is supposed to be like. I'm 8 again when I play my old play station video games. I'm 14 when I listen to my old favorite band. I'm 17 when I'm mad at the world and everyone in it. I'm 20 when I go outside in nature. I'm 30 when I'm reading a book. I'm 60 when I do puzzles or watch Dateline. The number doesn't effect how you feel, you're doing that
  7. Nothing really matters at 1 am
    When you're watching Rick and Morty and it reminds you of Beavis and Butthead and you start wondering what this generation will look like to the next and you're laughing but quietly because your friend is sleeping next to you like when you were 10 but now you're not and everything is different but it's okay and it doesn't matter as much as you think it does