TV characters I love

No particular order
  1. Kenneth Parcell
    Brilliantly written. 30 Rock was great in many ways, but Kenneth made the show for me!
  2. Andy Dwyer
    Such a kind, child-like man. He is like the angel on my shoulder and April is my devil. I love them both and somehow they work together.
  3. Mickey Dobbs
    I don't think I've ever understood a character as well as Mickey. I hate when I think I ruin everything for myself, but I know it's not all me. Hope Mickey realizes that in season two and dumps the devil himself, Gus.
  4. George Michael Bluth
    His name is gold. He's such a nice kid, no matter what is thrown at him. (See gif attached.) I always want the best for him, even if he thinks that's his cousin.
  5. Michael Scott
    (Also see gif) How could anyone make this list and not include Michael Scott? I wish I knew him. He's everything I want a person to be. Maybe that says more about me than him...