Istanbul - five great places to eat!

Istanbul or Constantinople? Either way, the food rules. Here's my top five.
  1. Çiya Sofrasi
    This is very special food. Take the ferry (4 lira) to the Asian side. Just ask the waiter to bring you what he thinks is best - it will be wonderful.
  2. Journey
    DELICIOUS ORGANIC BISTRO. Huge servings, the best salads, beautiful cocktails. There's a herb garden out the back. It's in Cihangir, so it's hip AF.
  3. Fil Books
    Good coffee and delicious cakes in a cute bookstore in Karakoy. Open all day and night, and in a trendy area filled with bars and cafes.
  4. Hamdi Et Lokantasi
    Ottolenghi said this place made the best lamb kebabs he had ever tasted, and we agree. This is right by the ferry landing in Eminönü, with beautiful views of the Bosphoros. Our fave was the one swimming in yoghurt.
  5. Karaköy Özsüt
    Unassuming, 100 year old kaymak cafe in Karakoy. Go here for traditional clotted cream served with honey and tea, then stay for a whole platter of cheese from their herd of buffalo. Look out for a sign saying "Haci Hasn Fehmi" when hunting this place down! (photo taken post meal - too delicious for words)