Practical life advise
  1. Go INSIDE more often
  2. Prove the haters wrong
  3. Do something you are not afraid of
  4. Live your destiny
  5. Hate the game instead of the players
  6. Adopt a dog
  7. Learn to code
  8. Learn to yodel
  9. Learn a dead language
  10. Backup your computer files for a change
  11. Buy a new brand of toothpasts
  12. Thank your hostesses more often
  13. Bring flowers with you
  14. Spend more money
  15. Pay back your friends
  16. Do the dishes
  17. Drink more champagne
  18. Post less selciez
  19. Post more selfies
  20. Change your lifestyle slowly over time
  21. Change your goals completely
  22. Swear more
  23. Do YOU more often