Morning, afternoon or night. Not necessarily all my favorites but these I will absolutely watch at any time.
  1. Godfather Part 2
    The Godfather is everything, godfather part 2 is always rewatchable and godfather part 3 does not exist to me.
  2. Dreamgirls
    More Beyonce musicals please.
  3. Blow
    With or without the commentary on because it's really good as well.
  4. In Bruges
    I just love listening to Colin Farrell complain about Belgium.
  5. Vanity Fair
    The score and cinematography of this one just makes me super relaxed.
  6. The Departed
    Even though ugh leo dicaprio but like so many other wonderful people I still enjoy. Also there was a time when this was always on TV so possibly the sheer number of times I randomly watched parts of it endeared it to me.