1. Meerkats, my virginity, and menstruation are what the people want to hear about!
    (Based off which of my lists got more likes at least.) I can dig it. Interesting to see which topics yall are more responsive to.
  2. I want to be friends with all your parents and also I strongly identify with a lot of your moms.
    More Mom lists!!! Moms are the best.
  3. How to get a comforter inside a duvet without wanting to kill yourself.
    Life changer!!! Learned this early on from a list months ago but seriously still thankful about it.
  4. Really, really great people exist.
    So many fascinating, unique, creative voices on here. I've laughed, cried, and nodded in complete recognition/agreement more on this app than any other. There's some special people here and I freaking love getting a peak inside your heads!