1. Take a long shower. Cry in the shower if that feels right!
    I'm a big fan of shower crying. So cleansing and also convenient.
  2. Get alllll the way under your covers in your bed like a burrowing animal.
  3. Sleep for a solid amount of time.
    8 hours minimum.
  4. Wake up and shower again.
    Showering helps errrrything I'm telling you!
  5. Eat something that will make you feel like you're making positive life choices.
    Because damn right you're the kinda person fueling your body with goodness! Look how together you are eating that healthy snack!
  6. Get outside, put music on, walk around.
  7. Hang out with a living person.
    See, you're not alone!
  8. Tadaaaa reset! Or at least very clean, fed well, and socialized. And sometimes, that's all you can do. And it's enough. You're enough.