My Mamaw (grandmother), a coal miner's wife, is West Virginia thru and thru. I love how she talks.
  1. She was as mad as a wet hen!
  2. He was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  3. Jesus, Joseph and Mary and the camel the rode in on!
    She has so many good exclamations.
  4. He's a good man but he has a wondering eye... (Said mysteriously)
    My mothers response to this was also incredible. "Of course he does Mother, he drives a truck for a living! He has to look around!"
  5. And she turned him down like a bed sheet!
  6. She's working as slow as molasses in the winter!
  7. Hell's bells!!!
    Just to clarify: she's not talking about ac/dc. Just another good Mamaw exclamation!