1. I am a WARRIOR.
    Said. Loudly. To myself as I walked uphill to work while my body felt like it was trying to rip me apart from inside.
    Said. To the guy walking behind me who I presume didn't think I understood him vulgarly discussing my body to his friend in spanish. Hablo Español motherfucker and today is not the day for this! (Although later I kind of appreciated having an outlet for my rage that deserved my wrath. Also their genuinely shocked expressions were priceless.)
  3. Various Ani Difranco and Kanye West Lyrics
    Thought. Perfect playlist for today.
  4. Men!!!! 😡
    Thought. I mean trust me I love dudes but it just seemed hella unfair that I had to deal with this crazy intense pain and they just walk around the city in front of me practically gloating that they don't bleed from their sexual organs. I guess this is not their fault. However, the street harassment wasn't helping their gender today.
  5. Fuck salads fuck grocery stores fuck fuck fuuuuck!
    Thought. Of all the days for them to not have the salad I like in stock.
  6. Oh hell yes I am going to make a fucking list about this because I am not ashamed of my body's complex natural ability! I have the secrets of the fucking universe inside of my body!!! I can create LIFE.
    Thought. Walking uphill again which may be a large part of this aggression actually. But also I do tend to generally get extra hardcore feminist whilst bleeding from feminine parts/feeling like my body is physically attacking me from the inside.