Not saying they're good or bad, just observations made.
  1. Being comfortable praising others.
    In my teaching school we had to go over praising students. Have you ever seen a British person attempt to praise another human? It's kind of adorable because it's practically physically painful for them and they basically go "Mmmhmm alright then." And then I'm over here all "YES! You are awesome, you are a rockstar!! Fantastic! I love it!!!"
  2. Working nonstop.
    I have been working full time and also going to school full time or working two jobs since I was 18. Apparently you don't have to do that everywhere and a lot of Europeans are weirded out by how unfazed I am about being asked to work more.
  3. Violent language.
    Oh that exam? I killed it. Or I crushed it. Or I murdered it. And these are all good things. I keep finding common sayings like this with positive meanings that are actually super violent.
  4. Smiling a lot (at work)
    I'm a pretty upbeat person most of the time but especially at any job I've ever had. I guess I figure they are paying me to grin and bear it, regardless of how I personally feel. Spanish people tend to be way more upfront about their feelings at work which is super disarming to me sometimes. I kind of love their honesty though.
  5. No fear of failure.
    Yesterday a German girl in my beginners Spanish class came up to me and said it must be easy for me to try in class because I'm American. In her culture, if they aren't 100% sure they are correct, they don't want to say it in front of others. I was super confused. Ummmm this is a beginner class of course I'm gonna fuck up because I'm LEARNING and trying is how you learn! Holaaa!