Is that what you meant @Dustin? "Secretly" is pretty difficult for me because I wear all thoughts on my face. Here's a few things I probably wouldn't bring up (usually bc my friends are tired of it) but am always down to discuss hardcore if asked.
  1. Public breastfeeding is the best thing ever.
    God help the person who tries to tell me there is anything shameful about one of the most natural beautiful things on earth. Yall just wait til I have some babies because I'm gonna be showing my tits all ovaaaa the place. Until then I'll keep talking about why I love it and smiling approvingly/high fiving mamas feeding their babes how they choose to!
  2. The Blind Side was racist.
    I saw this with my fam in Ohio when visiting and then got in a fight with my stepmom bc I thought this movie was one big obnoxious white savior propaganda piece. It got banned from discussion at our house so I still have a lot to say if asked.
  3. Anything North Korea.
    There was a time when I was reading/watching everything I could find about North Korea and I just always wanted to talk about it. One of my friends gently pulled me aside and was like, "Hannah, please stop bringing this up at parties, it's a downer". I get where she was coming from so even though it's so fascinating I generally don't bring it up now. But if someone else does, it's fair game and I got a lot to say!
  4. Sexual Education should be taught from kindergarten on
    Read this awesome article about The Netherlands and now I'm super on board.
  5. Mad Men is a layered and perfect masterpiece.
    I don't even know where to start. I have so much I love for so many reasons. Matthew Weiner is just so... good. I wanna talk about it forever. ❤️
  6. The Pirahã tribe's numberless language is fascinating and incredible.
    Been patiently waiting for someone to bring this up for awhile. Read this and then ask me about it please: