My brother has started a new thing where he attempts to "do inception" on me by making up memories from our childhood that never happened and retelling them until I say fine, it happened.
  1. Brother/Sister Day at school where we won various field day competitions.
    Brother/Sister Day does not exist.
  2. When he trained me to be a competitive swimmer and not be afraid of when the gun goes off at swim meets and also rescued me from kidnappers.
    We may have watched "Man On Fire" right before this one. Essentially he keeps retelling the movie plot but he's Denzel and I'm Dakota. For the record, I'm a terrible swimmer.
  3. Our family band called "Hummus"
    And we recorded a CD which was just us, humming songs. Like what is by brothers brain?
  4. When we went on shark tank together and they gave us 1 million dollars.
    I don't know what our idea was but I think he is trying to manifest this more than inception me on it.