Making this list is helping me chill out instead of stress out while I'm waiting for an important call 😁😁😁
  1. Fuck The World!
    This was what I thought it meant until today.
  2. For The Win!
    Until my stepmom texted it and I was like wait what does that mean and she said it means this.
  3. Forget The Wackness
    And focus on the dopeness! This is my new personal motto.
  4. Free The Whales
    This is a thing too though right?
  5. Friend Then Wrestle
    Like be friends before you have sex? Also considered Friend Then Wiggle? Like depending on your sexual style/mood?
  6. Fix The Window!
    Literally or figuratively
  7. Fellate The Wonderful
    A more sexual, "good things happen to good people", if you will.
  8. Force The Warrior
    When you're feeling a little unsure but you gotta harness your inner badass and get shit done!
  9. Feeling The Winter
    When you notice somebody giving you the cold shoulder.
  10. Focus To Wisdom
    Cut thru the bullshit and pay attention to real knowledge
  11. Finance True Work
    Invest in the good stuff.
  12. Faster Than Walking
    Any transport that applies.
  13. Fist Then Words
    Not saying I agree with this one but could be a motto for people who resort to violence before conversation.
  14. First Time Wonder
    That first time awe. For anything.
  15. Fun To Watch
    Could be useful for describing YouTube vids!
  16. Fight The Waiting
    Right now guys. Stressssing this incoming phone call.
  17. Foxes That Work
    Sexy, powerful business ladies that get shit done!
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  18. Fuck the what
    For a long time I thought it was a confused, nonsense version of WTF
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  19. Feel The Waindrops
    Falling on your head
    Suggested by @elooto
  20. Five time wrap
    Because things like cantaloupe and watermelon leak stickiness all over the fridge if go with a single wrap
    Suggested by @NoahGeisel
  21. Forever the worst
    Suggested by @sam
  22. Fart, Then Walk (Away)
    Suggested by @kavutskiy