Inspired by @patrickrogers
  1. I met this guy who worked at a record store in Richmond, Virginia.
    Let's call him "M". He was maybe 5 or 6 years older than me. Soft-spoken and nice to me.
  2. One night he drove me really far into the country until we came to a little house in the middle of a field.
    Don't worry this isn't a scary story.
  3. We knocked on the door and this super old super small black man opens the door and hugs us and invites us in.
    At this point I still have noooo idea why we are here.
  4. Then we go in the house.
  5. And holy shit.
  6. Every room was FULL of records. Floor to ceiling. We had to squeeze by and around them and over them. It was amazing.
  7. He led us over to a little space he had cleared of records where there was a little sofa and a record player.
  8. The three of us took turns pulling random records out of the piles and playing them and listening to the most soulful music I had ever heard.
  9. After a few hours we said goodbye to the old man and drove back to M's apartment in Richmond.
  10. His dad was Native American and still lived on a reservation and I remember M had a bunch of tribal feather things and beads all over his living room.
  11. We started making out I think and then we went into his bedroom.
  12. He left me in his bed to get a condom.
    I remember just thinking, yeah alright this feels like a good moment.
  13. He came back, we had sex. It wasn't incredible but it wasn't bad either.
  14. I never told him it was my first time.
  15. I was living in the country then so Richmond was a "big city" to me.
  16. And I always remember his window was open a little bit and during the act I could hear the noisy night buses passing by.
    Thinking, "it's so loud in the city."