1. On the shoulders from behind at an event or family function
    We've been talking to different people and they come over and join my conversation. Maybe then they'll slide from shoulders to around me listening to what's being discussed. I'll keep talking but put my hands on their arms and feel secure.
  2. Squeezing my thigh with one hand while driving with the other
    On a long drive where first we alternate between talking happily and singing along to music. Then that fades out and we just peacefully exist together but every once in awhile they press their fingers a little bit into my thigh.
  3. With their head in my lap.
    While they watch something on television or maybe just nap and I can read a book and softly stroke their hair absentmindedly.
  4. I miss romance you guys.
    It's hitting me out of nowhere. It's kind of weirding me out. I'm just usually not this type of person.