1. My sister just texted me.
  2. It popped up at the top of my screen while I was scrolling thru lists, per usual.
  3. I read: Rainbow cock!!! Nailed it!!!
  4. Even tho I knew it probably didn't really say "Rainbow cock!!! Nailed it!!!" I still started cracking up and before I could click it my sister in law texts "Amazing! How?"
  5. It's a group chat.
  6. Then my sister immediately says "should I just leave it like this???"
  7. They are rapid fire texters I can't keep up.
  8. My sister in law says, "yeah, I think it looks good! Or cover it and then it can be a surprise when you cut it open!"
  9. At this point I'm already so happy this misread has happened.
  10. When they finally pause for a second I can open the texts.
  11. Of course they were talking about frosting a rainbow cake. But still.
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  12. It's the little things.
    Or sometimes, the big things 😉