I often get so deep in the tube that I forget I just came to watch one movie trailer. These are my most recent black holes.
  1. Modern top male ballet dancer life stories
    I came for one modern ballet piece somebody posted on fb and ended up becoming oddly obsessed (and now weirdly knowledgable) with the highs and lows of multiple modern ballerino's lives such as Sergei Polunin and Erik K Yue.
  2. Whitney Houstons funeral ceremony
    Really don't know how I ended up here. Did you know you could watch this? And Alicia keys and r kelly among others sang? And it's all recorded with 1970's zoom on like a VHS camera?
  3. Early 2000's def jam poetry readings
    Early Kanye doing spoken word versions of his then new songs and girls in tube tops talking about feminism. I can dig it.
  4. Girl doing different hair color dye tutorials by herself in her bathroom sped up and put to indie music
    Something about watching this girl section her hair and dye it aquamarine as she calmly self narrates over mellow indie rock captivated me for way longer than I'd like to admit. Also her post production was amusingly professional.