Attention: everyone but especially @bjnovak and @dev
  1. He is an OG lister.
    At time of publishing this list, he has created 466 lists, starred 4000 (!!) and relisted 521 lists! And even with these large numbers he still maintains to only post quality, fantastic lists! How does he do it?!
  2. What is "celebrity" if not when you are known by people who don't actually "know" you but are fans of your work??
    I saw listers talking about a @ChrisK list autographing session and was NOT surprised! And also, the fact that listapp can create celebs is a compliment to listapp.
  3. Once this goes public there are going to be people who pretend to be @ChrisK.
    That's what happens to celebs! We need to make sure his identity is protected!
  4. It would make him happy.
  5. He expertly requests lists of others, encourages participation, and welcomes interaction with ✔️ and ⭕️ equally
    Suggested by @sally