As if you needed reasons but if so let me persuade you. Here's the link:
  1. It's free!
    Only for the next few weeks! The time is now.
  2. He does voices for the characters and they're so good!
    He was born for audiobook narration in my opinion.
  3. "Time for Benedict to read me Kafka" is a thing you can say!
    I just said this completely seriously to my brother. He eye rolled so hard but whatever because this sentence is awesome and I want to say it more often.
  4. It's important to appreciate what we have.
    The only problem is after this you will wish Benedict would read basically everything/anything to you BUT HEY you can listen to him read this and that is better than nothing!!
  5. It's oddly soothing.
    I've been listening to this in bed the last three nights and his voice is just calming. I've yet to have nightmares of waking up as an insect.