small moments
  1. Old man playing Con Te Partirò on accordion.
    This song hits all my chords. So beautiful. When he finished I gave him some change and then listened to it again on my phone as I waited on the platform.
  2. Young guy helping lady with baby getting the stroller up the stairs.
    It was really packed too and he made a beeline to help her as soon as the metro doors opened.
  3. The collective sigh of temporary relief everyone did together as the other sides metro leaving rushed a cool artificial breeze onto us.
    It's HOT in this city guys. But you get the sense we're all in this together.
  4. Teenage boy blushing while trying to sell sunflower seeds to pretty teenage girls.
    It was oddly sincere. The girls giggled and stopped to talk with him. He looked like he won the lottery.
  5. Man giving another man selling tissues a euro without taking the tissues.
  6. The happy "gracias hombre!!" the tissue seller hollered after him.
  7. Girl running up to hug another girl enthusiastically at the exit.
    Just humans being good to each other.