Don't tell me you don't do this. Also works great on the metro.
  1. A Tender History In Rust by Do Make Say Think
    Fantastic, building instrumental. This song is made for the movies. Starts out kind of experimental (beginning credits, she's waking up) and then there's a laugh and its gets much catchier (she's off to work, who is this character? Do we care about her? Where is she going? She has pretty hair!)
  2. Talk Is Cheap by Chet Faker
    Maybe more of a metro scene than a walking one because of that beat. She's en route somewhere routine. Maybe an inner city dance class or buying weed.
  3. Halcyon Birds by Broken Back
    I'm bouncing down the street ya'll. Super indie movie. Lots of lens flare shots and close ups of people walking by. (Also, see @john this word is taking over.)
  4. Mess is Mine by Vance Joy
    Fuck I think this song is romantic. In this scene she's left a very good lovers bed who also happens to be a good guy/guy she likes. Maybe the song starts when she actually stays for breakfast with him. We can't hear what they're saying they're just laughing and talking. It continues as she's walking down the street still smiling about something he said.
  5. Zigzagging Toward the Light by Conor Oberst
    Upbeat, hopeful. Probably happens mid-movie when she decides to go her own way.
  6. When I Get My Hands on You by The New Basement Tales
    I basically pretend I'm the colorful cartoon from the music video that I can't seem to separate from the song now that I've seen.
  7. Run by The Knux and Kid Cudi
    I'm an off duty rockstar, running late, crossing streets haphazardly because I can!
  8. Nara by Alt J
    Do you want to use your walk to work to pretend you are an alien seeing earth/humans for the first time? This is your song.