It was 4pm and he had just watched me stumble off the back of a motorcycle after being out all night. Pretty sure he thinks I'm a nut.
  1. The city just makes love to you. Oh god. Like the city itself ya know? Just magic. I ate a soufflé there. And opera singers!
    He's Italian so seemed normal to me to bring up my feelings about Rome fucking you with magic? And also incoherently say vague unconnected details about my trip there?
  2. The Starks are not in top form today! But really you just caught us on a bender!
    Apparently my still drunk brother had rolled in around noon and then I show up at 4 PM talking nonsense? I don't want to know what he thinks this family is about.
  3. I love science.
    He's a biology masters student. I was trying to bond?
  4. I'm sorry.
  5. Probably like 4 more unrelated thoughts I can't remember.
  6. Really we are not always this ridiculous.
  7. Here's the wifi password.