1. Taking three different shuttles inside one airport.
    I feel like you may have made me go in a circle both physically and mentally.
  2. Waiting in line at two different passport checks.
    I usually like passport checks bc I feel like I'm being interviewed for small town TV news or something. But today I was hoping the Italian one wouldn't notice my expired visa and that the Tel Aviv one wouldn't ask me about my hebrew school (I forgot the name last time) or my Arabic stamps (they questioned me forevs about them last time). Both went fine but were stressful leading up to.
  3. An incredibly graphic first person story about vaginal birth.
    Thanks sis.
  4. Knowing that all my siblings and father are going to be together for the first time in years in the next few days.
    Can we all PLEASE approach this with some fucking love and compassion?
  5. Waiting up for my Dad right now.
    His flight got delayed and changed a bunch and I will feel a lot better once he is safely here!!
  6. My tattoos.
    They are so tiny but I know most of my family hates them and it's awkward when my nieces and nephews ask about them innocently bc I know the adults all hate them.
  7. Wondering if my brother will remember all the toys for the kids plus the clothes of mine I asked him to bring.
  8. The lightbulb slowly dying that I thought was making a crazy intense hissing sound that turned out to be the sprinklers outside but still.
    It is still happening and even though I am pretty sure the sound is not connected it is weirding me out?
  9. I'm about to spend two solid weeks with my family.
    In the Middle East. Here we go yall!