My first list request... And I'm quite nervous!
  1. I really want to do a good job on this bc I want you guys to think I'm cool.
  2. But the problem is I don't watch game of thrones.
  3. My friend called me "lady stark" for months and I just thought he was being funny and also complimentary
    I'm still not one hundred percent this is a game of thrones reference but I'm pretty sure it is?
  4. Before the Game of Thrones and Ironman movies came out the only people who noticed my last name were nerdy guys who read comics/the super long GoT books.
    I think that was more fun but but it is what it is.
  5. When "winter is coming" was their whole advertising thing people would YELL it at me when I gave them my number or facebook.
  6. I'm secretly always waiting/hoping for someone to make my favorite Stark reference when I introduce myself and no one EVER does.
    Hint: he's a rebel. And he doesn't have a cause.
  7. However the game of thrones and ironman stuff all seems pretty badass (from what I can tell from afar) and I'm down with that association.
  8. @videodrew I wish I could have made a bunch of super cool references to game of thrones trivia but I must come to terms that I honestly don't even really know what the show is about and people have probably been saying alllll kinds of stuff that went right over my head. 😳