About myself or the world.
  1. When they translated the book "on the road" into spanish they changed sal paradise to Nel paradise.
  2. Apparently I'm the only one who wants to talk about this and/or research more translation name changes and talk about it.
  3. The madrid fashion museum is super dark inside and there are only 7 total people there on a Saturday afternoon. It feels like you snuck ino a museum after hours. Kinda creepy kinda cool.
  4. I prefer art museums to fashion museums for sure.
  5. How to get home from a part of town I've never been before. No gps either so learning about my internal sense of direction too.
  6. I deleted all social apps off my phone (except this one) and I totally miss Instagram and also I'm embarrassed that I do.
  7. I am unable to not stop and browse if someone is selling books on the street. Did this three different time today.
  8. The pretérito perfecto past tense.
  9. It's only like 7pm here so probably will still learn lots more today.