In less than 24 hrs. My family is from the hollllller yall.
  1. Became a full time front porch dweller.
    I love rocking chairs so much.
  2. Ate fried chicken in a pickup truck.
    Bonus points bc the passenger window is broken and my Mama said I was "sweatin like a whore in church."
  3. Held multiple babies.
  4. Attended two southern baptist services where the words "eternal damnation" were thrown around a lot.
    I'm way sure I'm going to hell.
  5. Drank a lot of sweet tea.
    On the porch in my rocking chair.
  6. Gave my dog a haircut on the front porch.
    If you're looking for me, I'm on that porch. There's no AC and it's the only place with a breeze plus you get free entertainment watching the logging trucks go by!
  7. Went to a wedding where the bride was younger than me.
    I am 24.
  8. Waved at my cousin when I saw him go by. He was sitting in the back of the pickup truck.
  9. Ran into another cousin at wal-mart.