I moved to la when I was 18 and had even less clues than I have now. I lived there for 5 years, moved away for almost 2 years and am now coming back. Got me thinkin about how things went the first time around.
  1. I had to tone down my friendliness.
    I moved from the middle of noooowhere, Virginia, where the grocery cashier asks you about your mother and you nod/wave at every person you walk past. People in LA thought I was nutzzz.
  2. I thought everyone wearing RVCA shirts or hats was also from Virginia and tried to make small talk with them about it.
    TO BE FAIR: these shirts said VA really big on them! And so I'd be like "Hey! Where in Virginia are you from?? I just moved here from Powhatan! 😃" and point at their shirt. They'd mostly just be like ".....wtf"
  3. I saw Jeremy Piven ALL THE TIME.
    Everywhere I went. All different kinds of places, all over LA. I even ended up at his private birthday party ON ACCIDENT. I was excited to see my first celeb but also worried about how it was always ONLY him I saw.
  4. Dating a drug dealer seemed exciting and cool!
    Dear naive 18 year old girls everywhere, pro tip: it's NOT cool!
  5. I was invincible!
    I was 18.
  6. I never expected things to get as shitty as they did or as incredible as they did.
    At first I thought nothing bad could ever happen in California, the place I so earnestly believed would be my promised land. But life doesn't care where you are and shit happens. And then it got so much better than I could have imagined because I didn't know then that I didn't know HOW to dream big.
  7. I was really intimidated by big fancy places.
    I remember going to an interview and being super freaked out by how fancy the FLOORS were. And thinking holy shit they're not gonna let me work here, this is the nicest place I've ever been. So I totally relaxed on the interview bc I thought there wasn't a shot in hell. (Spoiler alert: to my great surprise, I got the job.)
  8. I was PUMPED to play "giggling girl in the pool #3."
    But when all I kept booking was variations of this I got over it pretty quickly. I do have a vast repertoire of different kinds of giggles now though.
  9. I trusted everybody.
    And oddly only got screwed over a couple of times. Based off my behavior, I probably should have been murdered 7 times at least.
  10. Everything was possible.
    And after 5 weird and amazing years there, it almost feels more true. I'm ready to be back yall!