Questions I Have

I move to New York in about 2 months. Here are some questions I have.
  1. do i have to be worried about bed bugs?
  2. if not, then why is there an entire page of the nyu website dedicated to bedbugs?
  3. literally what even are bed bugs?
  4. will living in a triple be as bad as i think it'll be?
    fingers crossed for no
  5. will my roommates hate me?
    hopefully not, but probably
  6. will i hate my roommates?
    hopefully not, but probably
  7. what is it gonna be like to share a bathroom?
    i've had my own bathroom for almost my whole life, so this is gonna be a big change
  8. when am i gonna run out of money?
    it's definitely gonna happen, i just wanna know when
  9. is an unlimited metro card worth it?
  10. is doing laundry gonna be really difficult?