1. I should make something healthy for dinner but it makes more sense to have a burger delivered to my door
  2. I should read all those books I bought from the strand to look smart
  3. Social media blackout or 10 minutes on Instagram looking at girls better looking than me
  4. Why did I just spend an hour on YouTube looking at clips of teen shows I watched at university
  5. I need to watch a highly received film of the year
  6. I wonder what my twin is doing, I've only rang him twice today
  7. Should I actually have gone out? I live in New York now surely I should be dancing on a bar?
  8. Need to stop using coyote ugly as my reference point for New York socialising
  9. I really need to kiss someone soon.
  10. I can't be bothered though. Tinder makes me fear the human race
  11. Ohhh what serial killers can I google?
  12. Bed time!