Some thoughts.
  1. I love our pink toilet in our apartment.
  2. Touch people with genuine affection.
  3. Learn to parallel park a school bus.
  4. Be grateful that Rebecca Henry physically blocked you from going on a tinder date with a serial killer.
  5. Raw chicken is firmer than my ass.
  6. Memes provoke such weird feelings.
  7. Forcing eye contact with someone who is purposely trying to avoid you is actually really fun.
  8. One cheddar bacon jalapeño popper can ruin a night.
  9. Young Thug challenges the focus of music as an art form.
  10. Someone make an alarm clock vibrator with rough edges.
  11. Don't have too many drafts of ideas - get to it.
  12. Chicken nugget shaped erasers exist.
  13. "Dance to sweat" is a motto.
  14. Talk to everybody and shut your ass up.
  15. The arts challenged the way I saw issues.
  16. Silk pajamas and coconut lotion sounds like the best combo.
  17. T-Pain can actually sing.
  18. Mini banana fingers as actual fingers.
  19. Be more loving.
  20. Pumpkin spiced latte is fucking delicious.