1. "Ninjas always come prepared." (Shows me a wad of TP she's brought outside-so she can pee outside.)
  2. "How many times did we put goats in the back of your Acura?" --Bob to mom
  3. "One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead."--Oscar Wilde
  4. "Sounds terrible, how ruin helps us earn our souls." --Bill Brown
  5. "There is still such crookedness in my heart. I had thought loving two people so much would straighten it."--Jenny Offill, Dept of Speculation
  6. "Tell me about when you were a tomcat."
  7. "This is an outdoor project! If you don't do this you aren't born from nature, Mama! --Thalia making mud-daffodil pies for the bugs to eat
  8. "I pretend to be ok, or I am ok. Sometimes I'm not sure which." ---Woman on radio, the professional patient.