1. Kiehl's Creme de Corps
    Thanks to a friend's FB post. In short, girl knows her lotion and swears by the stuff. But it ain't cheap.
  2. Candy
    Of course.
  3. Assistance
    From a salesgirl who keeps helping other women who may/may not look like they are bigger spenders but who came in after me. Cmon, gal. Let's just ring up my darn shampoo and free sample of body wash and move on with our day, k?
  4. Speed
    From my aging laptop.
  5. Cooler weather
  6. Cleaner kitchen
  7. Emails of significance and good news
    Screw all the other kind.
  8. To run
  9. To feel like running
  10. For a slightly strange man to stop making me feel awkward
    I'm just not sure what he wants...
  11. To snap a pic of the pretty yellow-green tree on 14th
    Drove by again, didn't stop...will I before it's too late?