11 photos from my childhood

Happy memories ❤️
  1. Me 1989
  2. Our kitten called Topias and me, I don't remember who got to name him
  3. Me and my brothers on Christmas in the early 1990's
  4. Me and my brothers dressed up as witches a week before Easter going from door to door
  5. Me, my dad and my brothers crosscountry-skiing in Lapland
  6. Me in the Finnish national costume with my favorite doll visiting family friends
  7. Me and my grandfather, he passed away in 1995
  8. Me and my doll with a toy mobile phone in the 1990's
  9. Me with our cat in Lapland spending winter holiday with my family
  10. Me baking with my mum
  11. Chilling with our cat 😊