Based on my own experience and things I've seen, read or heard.
  1. Be yourself and let your partner be himself/herself
    Don't lose yourself to satisfy someone else. Love your partner for who he/she is, genuinely.
  2. Respect each other
    Even during arguments.
  3. Tell your partner how you feel and what you think
    Nobody can read your mind!!!
  4. Never use your partner's most intimate and sensitive experiences as a weapon against your partner in an argument
    Otherwise your partner loses trust in you and doesn't want to open up.
  5. Never take up your partner's parents in an argument
    Nobody chooses their parents and childhood environment.
  6. Argue about things, not about your personalities
    It's okay to disagree about things but it's not okay to say your partner is not what you wanted.
  7. Don't try to change your partner
    He/she will change in time but you can't control the way he/she changes. You will change too and your partner can't control it.
  8. Be interested about your partners thoughts and feelings
    Show it!!!
  9. Remember that you are separate individuals
    Let your partner do his/her things and don't give up your own interests, friends and hobbies.
  10. Dream about your future together
    In some things you have to agree.
  11. Apologize and forgive
    You're both equally imperfect.