Based on the stereotypes of femininity. A-F. Inspired by the Masculinity Report Cards on thelistapp.
  1. Wearing make-up: D
    I only wear mascara everyday and sometimes lipstick or lipgloss. I only wear other make up when I'm going out, to a restaurant or a party etc.
  2. Shaving body hair: C
    In summer all the essentials i.e. legs, brazilian and armpits but in autumn, winter and spring just brazilian and armpits because my spouse is the only one who sees my legs.
  3. Wearing dresses: A
    I would wear only dresses every single day if I didn't live in this fucking freezing Finland. I don't wear skirts though.
  4. Manicure: C
    In summertime I have a better motivation on manicures but in wintertime I rarely have the energy for such things.
  5. Feminism: B
    I identify myself as a feminist but I don't go to demonstrations. My activism takes place mostly on the internet.
  6. Cooking: B
    Yes, I like cooking and I'm good at it but I don't have the energy to cook every day from the start.
  7. Baking: C
    I rarely bake anything because I'm too busy but I would like to bake more often. When I do, I usually succeed 😊
  8. Shopping: C
    I hate shopping in real world shops and malls but I love shopping on webshops.
  9. Wearing high heels: B
    I love high heels and I love wearing them but they're just not always practical.
  10. Motherhood: A
    I've wanted to have children as long as I can remember ❤️