My first times of doing things

  1. Broke a bone
    Jumped from a meter height and landed my hand under my tummy so that I broke my left wrist
  2. Traveled by plane
    As a 10-year-old for a holiday to Bulgaria with my family
  3. Got my period
    At school during Christmas ceremony aged 12
  4. Got a mobile phone
    At age 13
  5. Worked
    A summer job as an assistant in a lunch restaurant when I was 15
  6. Traveled abroad alone
    At age 17 to London to work as an au pair
  7. Got drunk
    On my 18. birthday when my big brother took me to a bar and a night club. Tequila.
  8. Lost my virginity (well, you can do it just once)
    At the age 21
  9. Tasted a cigarette
    Same as previous, actually the following day.
  10. Had to stay in a hospital overnight
    In 2010
  11. Took a tattoo
    In 2011 on my ankle