Love him!
  1. He's too kind, never gets angry.
  2. He's got strict routines for himself: always the same breakfast, always the same walking route, always sauna the same day of the week...
  3. He's never been drunk in his life.
  4. He's never had friends as far as I remember.
  5. He's got a good sense of humour.
  6. He says he believes in God but he never goes to church except when invited to someone's ceremony.
  7. It can take a whole year from him to read a novel.
  8. He's a workaholic, been since 1998 when he got a job after being unemployed for some years.
  9. He never stays up over midnight.
  10. He never sleeps over 9 am.
  11. I think he would love to have a dog but my mum doesn't.
  12. He's never cooked as far as I remember. He can only make boiled potatoes. If my mum's away overnight she cooks for him beforehand or he eats pizza.
  13. He's very different from my husband.
  14. I've never heard him use a swear-word.