1. Worry as much as you can
    About yourself and the world but especially others.
  2. Work, work and work
    Even if you don't feel capable of working.
  3. Don't try to experience different things, situations and places
    Everyday life is enough.
  4. Enjoying life is overrated
    Enjoyment, what's that?
  5. Keep your worries your own business, hide your problems as long as possible
    Feel shame, guilt and embarrassment.
  6. Don't eat meat
    It's unethical and unhealthy.
  7. Don't drink alcohol
    Ever, at all.
  8. Avoid medicine as long as possible
    It's probably poisonous.
  9. Live your life for others, don't mind your own wellbeing
    Your wellbeing is totally dependent on others wellbeing.
  10. Don't be satisfied with your body
    Tell others what's wrong in your body.
  11. Believe in God and stick to conservative gender roles and heterosexuality
    Well that's just how the world is. Diversity is a weird and unhealthy trend you shouldn't go along with.
  12. Don't take risks
    That might result in enjoyment.