Things I never eat or drink

Because taste matters and in my opinion some parts of animals just aren't supposed to be eaten.
  1. Green smoothies and juices
    I mean really green, not greenish. If I die younger for not drinking green stuff so be it. Seriously, you can't drink green juice smiling, can you? Veggies are good food but let's keep them on the plate.
  2. Watermelon
    What's the point? It tastes like water 🙄 I drink water not eat it.
  3. Snails
    They're slimy and chewy and have no taste. The sauce they're usually served in in restaurants is good though. Snails in garlic and blue cheese sauce without snails for me, please!
  4. Chili
    I'm exceptionally sensitive to chili. My mouth is in fire when others hardly notice there's any chili in the food. I can't taste anything else but the burning feeling. Not to mention cayenne!
  5. Raw onion
    I like onion but my worst food nightmare is having to eat it raw. The taste stays in my mouth at least 24 hours and it overpowers all else. And the smell of breath 😷
  6. Beer
    I still don't get it after trying different kinds of beer. It tastes of barley or wheat or other things bread is usually made of. I like to eat bread, not drink it.
  7. Liver
    I'm disgusted by the mere thought of it.
  8. Once I ate sweetbread in a restaurant without knowing what it was and when the truth dawned to me I almost threw up. So that too.