Sometimes I wonder how much more I could save money if I was male.
  1. Contraceptives
    Except if you're strongly religious and think sex is just for making babies.
  2. Tampons, pantyliners or menstrual cups
    Except if you're pregnant or anorexic.
  3. Pantyhose / tights
    Men can wear shorts without long underpants but women often have to wear pantyhose under a dress or a skirt. And in winter men just wear pants / trousers everywhere but women wear also dresses and skirts with tights.
  4. Make up
    It's not obligatory but women tend to use make up more often than men and in many situations and jobs make up is quite necessary.
  5. Removal of leg hair
    Men can wear shorts showing their hairy legs without worries but women - well, it's not advisable. Nowadays many men shave their armpits (fortunately) but leg hair is an essential part of manliness.