What I like/love about my job

As a social worker in child foster care
  1. Most of my colleagues at the office
    They're nice, interesting, fun, skilled and supportive
  2. A workroom of my own
    I couldn't work in an open-plan office
  3. Flexible working times
    I couldn't make it to work at 8 o'clock every morning
  4. Meeting clients and creating a confidential relationship with them
    Especially the children
  5. Seeing myself important and meaningful in both my clients' lives and my work community
    I think most of my clients and colleagues see me this way too, at least I hope they do
  6. Having the authoritity and possibility to have a positive impact on my clients' lives and my employee organisation
    On the other hand the responsibility regarding my clients' lives is also scary, stressful and burdening
  7. Getting to know new people and hear their stories
    I'm a curious person. You couldn't even imagine many of my clients' stories.
  8. I learn and become more skilled everyday
    At least I believe so. Everyday is different in this job.