Still editing, but hope to have it finished by my 25th birthday in January. I'll turn 30 on January 16, 2021.
  1. Pay off all student debt
  2. At least one international trip
  3. Read 50 books that will impact my life
  4. Visit El Cajon, CA again (take Brett)
  5. Write children's book about Pappou the Pirate
  6. BFF trip with Erin and Natalie
  7. Finish reading the Bible
  8. Give camping another try
  9. Road trip to Seattle
  10. Get another lead in a musical
  11. Rewrite book about my immigrant grandpa
  12. Have a job I love (doesn't have to be my main job)
  13. Make (at least) one new, good friend, as an adult
  14. Know the names of all my neighbors
  15. Finish a coloring book
  16. Do a family tree
  17. Celebrate an "un-Christmas"
  18. Make terimisu
  19. Live with a capsule wardrobe
  20. Run a half marathon
  21. Do a Whole30
  22. Make a scrapbook
  23. One public speaking experience